Guys! It’s been too long since I last updated this blog, I miss it.

How are you? I am totally freaking out over fashion week. 

I'm 5'5" and I am desperately seeking representation. Any tips? So far I have a good portfolio.

Well, you’re quite short, so I would recommend you go for small agencies at first, the bigger ones won’t even bother , sadly. Local agencies may be willing to represent you much easier, and once you have done some work you can start trying out for the good ones. 

hello! I was wondering if you know any models who have a crooked nose? I'd like to start modeling but my nose is slightly crooked, do you think it's still possible for me to model? I''m 5'10 and have the right measurements. X

Yes, you have perfect measurements. For the face, the important part is mostly having symmetrical features, well defined cheekbones and jaw. It’s ok if your nose is crooked, as long as it’s an interesting and the your face is good for photos.  Best of luck xx

what does it mean if models are listed on sites as 'in development??'

It means they are “in development” hehe  Special bookings are top models or actresses or personas who will work as a model, but for special demands. “Women” or whatever is their main cast, and “in development” are for starters or new faces. 

Hi I just turned 17 and I am almost 5'7. My dad is 6'3 and my mom is 5'9. I don't know why I'm not as tal as my mom! I want to grow taller but I'm such a late bloomer and I don't know if ill ever grow. Soon it is gonna be too late for me to start modeling since I'm already 17. How much taller do you think ill grow? Also I do have scoliosis.. Do you know any excersises to make it go away? How tall do you think I will be? I just got my period last July too

I couldn’t possibly know that, you should see a doctor to check your wrists too see if your bones are “glued together”, if they’re not, you can still grow, it they are, sorry, but you won’t grow anymore.  I did that and I won’t grow anymore, but my doctor told me I would be 2 inches taller if only my posture was good, so maybe that works for you as well.  And that goes for the scoliosis as well, your doctor can tell what are the best exercises for you. Anyway, be confident at 5’7 and seek representation. Luck xx

Oh also I live in New Zealand.


I´m 5´1 and mexican and I would really like to be a model. Do you think I have a chance for petite modeling?

Sorry, but I think 5’1 is possibly too short even for petites ):

are you a model?

Used to be, nothing major :x  

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Sure, everyone check out this blog :)